What is “Intuitive Healing”? It’s a “hands-on”‘ technique that clears away old, stagnant energy which allows your body to breathe and operate efficiently (sometimes, for the first time ever). It allows your body and mind to function as they were meant to. Along with this proven personal technique I have developed through many years of study, practice and application, I use positive affirmations–that is, introducing positive thoughts into the brain while removing the old and debilitating negative thoughts. This is called “processing out the ego.”

When I “process” you, this results in getting your life to move forward instead of staying stuck in the negative place that brought you here to begin with. They say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Intuitive Healing, then, can bring you back to sanity.

If you stick with your process, the following will occur, over time:

-You will have more energy, and the energy will be more balanced

-You will clean up family patterning issues

-You will alleviate stress, depression and unhappiness

-It clears out negative energy

-It deepens your spiritual connection

-It connects you to your inner soul and strength

You will also learn the following, and experience it on a visceral level:

-Thought is creative

-The issues are “in the tissues”

-Conception, birth and family patterning

-Left and right brain functioning, how they differ and how we control them

-Giving and receiving energy (high/low potential)

-The art of “receiving”

Here is what I will do for you:

1) Help you get in touch with your conception/birth and family patterning. In other words, I will explore your personal energy and make a professional assessment. By getting in touch and clearing the ‘then’, it clears up the ‘now’, so that you live freely in present time. You will do this without projecting ‘your patterns’ (conception, birth/family patterns) onto the people near you. This is the bottom line, and the key to living a happy, positive life.

2) Positive affirmation work. By getting in touch with your birth, I will supply you with personalized affirmations to work with, ones that clear up all the old, stagnant birth energy that may have crippled your life from day one. This affirmation process takes time, and no small effort on your part.

3) Intuitive Healing. As we heal your mind, we will also heal your body. There’s an old saying: “the issues are in the tissues”. The body holds on to all of the old anger, resentment, fear. People stuff their emotions in their body for years and then wonder why they feel so terrible about themselves and the people around them. If you keep repeating the same behavior, you’ll get the same results over and over again–even if you change partners, your job, etc. This is guaranteed if you don’t deal with your “stuff” head on.

I attended healing seminars and had private sessions that processed me on my conception, birth and family patterning. One of my teachers taught me that if you heal your conception, you’ve healed your life. Although I do believe this to be true, I also believe that birth trauma and family patterning is equally important. This is an ongoing process. It took time to ‘process this out’ of me, freeing me up in order to create what I wanted, and to STOP creating (again and again) from a family pattern, resulting in the same negative results over and over again. These positive affirmations I was given are ones I still utilize today. All of the information I was given resonated deeply within me; in fact, I never asked another soul what they thought about what I was told and taught. We all instinctively know the truth when we hear it. You will, too.

The level of success you experience and the results you derive from Intuitive Healing will depend strictly on you and your commitment to using the tools I will provide to you. It depends on how committed you are to your own process and your own healing, and how willing you are to release negativity. It’s time to invest in yourself. This is the process that I will help you with. It takes a while to build up positive energy: this does not happen overnight. The good news is that you have to start somewhere and when you do, you’re on your journey and one huge step closer to leading the life you want. I hope to hear from you soon.-Pamela Cardillo