Intuitive Healing saved my life. Period.

Before Intuitive Healing, and from the ages 17-40, my life consisted of my job in the computer field. I owned nothing but my car, and it was mediocre. I lived in apartments and moved around a lot. I owned no real estate or anything of significance. I had several relationships with men that were toxic, broken and on the road to nowhere. My health was not good (chronic sore throats, bladder infections, stomach problems etc.)

And I was tired. Very, very tired. I partied alot; drank alot. I looked okay, but then again, looks can be deceiving, especially when you are young. My life, in general, was mundane: I had no real purpose, felt empty–I was just existing. And of course, I was always waiting for ‘Mr. Right’. That did not happen for me then (but it did later, so read on!)

When I began doing Intuitive Healing, I began to make many life changes and I became more confident. First, I resigned from my job. I went into spiritual healing and became a Massage Therapist. This process had begun before landing a very coveted position as the “lead female massage therapist” for the Ritz Carlton-Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA. During that time, the spa sent me to Europe (France) where I studied seaweed body treatments and the effect it has on the body. I attended healing seminars and had private sessions that processed me on my conception, birth and family patterning. I started this around 1990. During this time, I watched my friends go places without me–expensive lunches, dinners, buying clothes, doing things that I couldn’t afford. I was spending what little money I had on getting educated and processed. I still remember that, for a long time, I had only one pair of shoes to wear, and that was difficult. Nonetheless, I was very determined. I continued proceeding with MY process, no matter what happened around me, no matter what others were doing, such as the friends who were not dealing with their own issues. I realized that some friends’ energy became too toxic for me to be around and I had to move on, and so I did. I was determined that NOTHING and NO-ONE was going to get me off track.

As I kept up with my healing sessions, ie. bodywork, rebirthing sessions, private appointments, seminars, massage, seaweed treatments, I was also taught to meditate. My new goal was to invest in myself in every area i.e., spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Upon my return, I resigned from the Ritz Carlton-Huntington and opened my own business; on a part time basis, I also got a job in the race horse business as a groom. My goal now was to become a Racehorse Masseuse. For a time, I worked at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, and Pomona Race Track. Also part time, I began work as a model in the modeling field, and got my first taste of life in front of the camera. This was great fun.

After that, I decided to branch out into the movie business as a full-time massage therapist. On a fluke, I landed my first executive client in the movie business for Disney Studios. That was the beginning. Then, it was on to other studios: Twentieth Century Fox, Sony, Todd-AO Hollywood, CBS-Radford and, finally, Warner Brothers–where I finally met (and married) my ‘Mr. Right’.

Today, we’re ecstatically happy. My husband of several years is great (and beautiful) and getting healthier every day. My health has greatly improved, I have 2 children (stepchildren) and 2 grandchildren. We both long to live close to Mother Nature and breathe some fresh air.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it is. None of this was easy; it was alot of hard work, work that took years. It did not happen overnight, but all that hard work has paid off. Believe me, I am eternally grateful. If this sounds good to you, then read “What is Intuitive Healing?” for more information.

Because if you’re not happy with the results in your life so far, then maybe it’s time for some changes. I look forward to meeting up with you real soon. -Pamela Cardillo